Our Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join?

We are not for everyone.  We want the best of the best.

Is there an upfront cost to join?

Yes.  We did research in the industry on what current fees there are to join an independent agency group.  We found them as high as $40,000 (which is ridiculous)   We have a $5,000 entry fee.

What is your E and O Program?

Our E and O program is written thru a special Lloyds program managed by a subsidiary of Brown and Brown.   It was designed to mirror the Triple I program with base rates up to 20% less.

What markets will I have access to?

We have negotiated contracts with Four of the top ten personal lines  independent carriers. We will have one national commercial carrier.  One coastal home and flood market and one Farm and AG market.  We also will have three commercial auto markets.   As contracts are finalized, we will be able to share more specific information prior to launch.

What agents are eligible to join?

We are open not only to any Nationwide agent, but are interested in any agents that have experience running an agency.  We look for high performing members with a high standard of professional character.

Who owns the business?

You do.  Period.  This is a key difference between us and the other guys.  Our competition is always looking for a way to control ownership.  We want you to stay with us because it makes sense and we add value.

Can I qualify for carrier profit sharing?

Yes. The Mutual Agency is a meritocracy.  Your performance determines your bonus.

What is a Mutual Agency Bonus?

We are constantly looking to innovate.  One of the benefits of creating a larger organization is our ability to negotiate and use our size to create value.  As we grow and look for new revenue streams a portion of that will be shared with our members.  This is an unexplored area of the industry.  This is a key component of our value added.  Stay tuned.  Its going to be exciting.

What if I want to sell my book?

You are not required to sell your book to anyone we want or suggest.  Its yours and we want you to be compensated by the market.   We do have one stipulation.  That you give The Mutual Agency and/ or its members first look at it. We feel strongly that by allowing our members first “look” it creates additional value to our group.  You are under no obligation to sell.

Will you be adding more carriers?

Yes.  As we expand and grow we will be looking to add carriers.

Will I be able to quote and bind directly with carriers?

Yes.  You will have direct access to the carriers.  quote. bind. sell. service.

How do I get more information on joining?

Just click here to send an inquiry to become a member today.