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About The Mutual Agency

The complexities of moving to an independent agency is a treacherous one at best.   What company contracts can I get? Can I keep them?   Which software do I use?  Do I join one of those large clusters?  Do I really want to be on an island? The decisions that you have to make to move to an IA model can be overwhelming.  We understand.  We have been there and done that.
The idea of joining a larger group can be very attractive.  What we found, however, is when you join them the exit strategy is punitive.  They want to own part of your book.  Or worse they want to tell you what to do with your book. Doesn’t sound very independent, does it? So we set out to create a new model.   A new way of doing business. An agency that is good for everyone. A Mutual Agency.

GET STARTED TODAYWhy Become a Mutual Agent?

Sign a contract to become a member of the Mutual Agency. Enjoy the benefits of joining a partnership that is exclusive to the best the industry has to offer. We encourage you to compare our program to others in the industry.  This is hands down the most favorable program offered to high performing agents.

We have aligned ourselves with industry veterans, cutting-edge start-ups, and award-winning independent agents.  All of these at your disposable to help you transition to being a growing independent agent.  Our mutual goals are completely aligned.  We are here to help as little or as much as possible.  You won’t have production requirements from the carriers.  Our goal is to create a culture of growth and support.  We excel at being able to share not only what might help you grow but our experience in what did not work.

Be Free
By joining The Mutual Agency you have the freedom to thrive.  To grow.  To buy. To sell if you want to.  We won’t dictate how and where your clients can go.  We feel our value proposition and support is what will keep you a member.

PEOPLE TRUST USInsurance Carriers

5 of the top Ten A-rated national  Independent carriers
Farm and AG program
Dedicated coastal carrier.
National commercial carrier (located in Connecticut)
One really neat E and O program priced 20% lower then Triple I