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    Agents Errors & Omissions

    Coverage Highlights:

    ✓ A Rated Carrier

    ✓ Full Prior Acts

    ✓ 2x Aggregate Deductible

    ✓ Broad definition of Insured – to include subsidiary & independent contractor

    ✓ Broad Definition of Covered Product

    ✓ Broad Definition of Professional Services

    ✓ Extended Reported Period available if Insured or Company non-renews (Bilateral)

    ✓Coverage set up to automatically renew at renewal subject to no claims and conformation of revenues for the past 12 months.

    The Program Pricing

    Pricing for this program is exclusive to Nationwide agents via ECC and Commercial Insurance Underwriting. Rates to improve on the current program by approximately 20% (depends on each risk).”

    Anthony Parise – Vice President

    ECC Insurance Brokers, LLC One Tower Lane, Suite 2850 Oak Brook Terrace, IL 60181. Email: aparise@eccins.com (630)464-4122 (cell) (630)572-7121 (Fax)

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    The Mutual Agency is a new and unique program designed to help agents become independent. Our simple philosophy is grounded in the notion that we want you to join and be a member because it makes sense.

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